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Docker Cheat sheet

In this post, I have collected some useful Docker Cheat sheet found on the net.   Source: Redhat   Source:   Source: Docker inc.¬†: this cheat sheet github page is supported by...

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Docker public bookmarks

Docker Internals A Deep Dive Into Docker For Engineers Interested In The Gritty Details. Docker for beginners Demystifying Docker overlay networking

Manage Cinder storage 1

Manage Cinder storage

Cinder volume creation PS’: LVM is used as CINDER backend PS”: For the exam, volumes creation and management can be done using Horizon interface.

Swift storage 1

Add Swift Storage manually to an RDO Packstack setup

Part 1: swift configuration setup During the installation of Openstack using Packstack, I left “CONFIG_SWIFT_INSTALL=n” and now, I want to add Swift service but manually. PS: SELinux is disabled on system. First of all,...